Energy consumers in NSW confused by bills and deals

Energy consumers confused by energy bills and offers

January 11, 2018

Many energy consumers are just too busy to ensure they are always receiving a competitive price or are confused by energy bills and offers.

A survey of 140 Illawarra residents by the Illawarra Regional Information Service (IRIS) found that 66 percent had seen a “spike” in recent energy prices yet less than half had taken action to reduce their energy usage or find a cheaper energy plan from NSW providers .*

EZswitch makes it easy for householders and small to medium-sized businesses to reduce their electricity and gas costs.

Simply send you paper or electronic eBill to EZswitch either by taking a photo or forwarding the eBill received from your energy retailer by email. If a paper bill isn’t handy then EZswitch can calculate an estimate of your usage based on a few simple questions. For those that don’t have access to the internet simply fax or post your bill to EZswitch.

EZswitch uses your current usage to find the best price by comparing all public offers on the internet that it is aware of. EZswitch will then negotiate an offer that is equal to or less than the best public offer they can find.

EZswitch will communicate this offer to you by email or post. You can elect to find out more about the offer. If you choose to accept the offer then EZswitch makes it simple and quick for you to switch.

EZswitch is different to comparison sites that may switch you once and forget about you. EZswitch continues to regularly monitor your usage and price to ensure you are always on a competitive energy plan.

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*Source: Illawarra Mercury