Energy Locals

Energy Locals’  goal is for customers to be able to use as much clean energy as they need to live comfortable lives at a great value price they can control. Here are the first things we’re doing about it:

Fixed fee: We don’t earn money from the amount of energy you use. Instead, our $4.50/week membership gives you usage rates at the cheapest price we can get them. That’s all we earn for providing this service and it makes us nice and cheap.

Support great organisations: We proudly support organisations that are doing great things: charities, communities, schools and groups that are developing new, local renewable energy projects.

Carbon neutral: We buy carbon offsets for 100% of the energy we provide to home and business customers, as well as 100% of the energy we use running Energy Locals, at no extra cost to you.

100% Aussie owned and operated: Are you done with rubbish customer service? Our entire team is right here in Australia and provides customers with epic service – just check our online reviews.

Simple rates: Step rates, 4 decimal points, small print that costs hundreds of dollars. Not here. We offer super simple tariffs that make comparing prices easy.

Fixed fee: For a small weekly membership we give you access to wholesale energy rates. The membership is all we earn, making our rates nice and cheap. 

No profit from your usage: We don’t earn money from the amount of energy you use. That means that if we can help you use less or if we find that a better tariff would reduce your bill, we’ll happily help you get it.

Unique No Gouging Promise: By not earning money from usage, we can offer our unique promise that you will never be price gouged with Energy Locals. We’ll tell you the breakdown of every part of any price change.

Simple rates: We’ve taken the normal energy tariff model and made it as simple as we can, while still offering all the various combinations that you might want (eg flat rate, time of use etc).

Great rate for your solar: We offer epic solar feed in tariffs that aren’t part of a short term promotion – they’re the way we do things. We’d rather support our own customers than a big fossil fuel generator somewhere in the country.

Fast route to a human: After dialling our phone number you’ll only have to press one more button before you speak to one of us. Simple as that.