December 5, 2018

Every day more and more people are discovering and using the EZswitch energy price comparison and switching service. And the keep telling us how happy they are to be saving money on their gas and electricity bills.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what EZswitch user, Gerald Jenner of Ermington, had to say:

“I had recently used another prominent energy switching service who switched me to a plan that had quickly become very expensive. EZswitch reviewed my usage and identified savings of $750 per year and also identified my eligibility for a significant government rebate of $313.50 per year that I was not currently receiving.”

“As a pensioner, the savings I made after using EZswitch represents a very significant amount of money compared to my annual income.”

This is not an unusual story. Many people are paying far more than they need to for their gas and electricity. Sometimes the very same energy retailer that you’re already with has cheaper energy deals, but they won’t let you know about it.

Unfortunately, figuring it all out for yourself can be quite difficult. First, you have to decipher your current energy bill to work out what your current usage is, then you have to convert that into all the other provider’s complicated tariff rates. Many people just give up in despair.

Let us help you the way we helped Gerald.

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