Energy Plan Comparison Service FAQs

Energy Switch Service FAQs

Energy Comparison Policy

EZswitch aims to compare standing and market offers from all gas and electricity retailers disclosed to the public via the internet. We may not compare short-term promotional offers offered from time-to-time by energy retailers unless they are communicated directly to us by the energy retailers.

We estimate the costs of your current plan and other energy plans available to you based on the usage we have identified from your bill or the household information you have provided us. We do not include any rebates or concessions you may be able to receive in our cost estimates. Cost estimates are indicative and should be used as a guide only. Actual costs may vary.

EZswitch aims to recommend an energy plan with a long-term competitive price. For this reason, our policy is to offer plans that do not have a benefit or contract period. Plans with benefit periods may incur significant price increases after the initial benefit period expires. If a plan has a contract period then EZswitch cannot switch you if the energy provider increases your energy rates significantly. EZswitch will calculate the estimated cost of the plan over a one year period to factor in potential price rises so that plans with price caps can be compared accurately. EZswitch only includes guaranteed discounts in comparisons as the price of a plan can rise significantly by up to 50% or more if the customer breaches the condition of the discount. EZswitch considers an energy plan to be “competitive” if its estimated cost for a particular customer is within 5% of the lowest priced plan based on our comparison policy.

We will provide you with a recommendation for an offer we believe is favourable to you based on your current plan, your usage, and this comparison policy.

We do not warrant that our service is comprehensive in all circumstances. Our analysis is limited by a number of factors, as set out in our Terms and Conditions

This policy may be updated from time-to-time. We will notify you if we update our Comparison Policy.

We review your energy plan when you first join our service and then every 12 months after that.

We may also review your energy plan if we believe the cost of your plan has risen at a rate that is higher than the costs of other retailers.

Day Hours of operation (AEST)
Monday 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 9am – 5pm
Thursday 9am – 5pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

The time taken for us to provide you with an offer depends on how you provide us with your gas and electricity usage information.

We aim to provide an offer within one hour of receiving a photo, email or uploaded energy bill. If you post or fax us your energy bill then we aim to respond within one business day of receiving your bill.

You generally have a 10 business day cooling-off period before the energy retailer will begin to switch your energy plan. After the cooling-off period, the gas and electricity retailer will perform a credit check before continuing with your switch. If your credit check is okay, then the retailer will commence your switch. Your switch will be finalised after your next meter read. Unless you have a smart meter, your meter will generally be read every 3 months. The energy provider may request an immediate read of your meter in some circumstances.

We determine your gas and electricity usage from your bill or the details about your household that you provide to us.