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We compare providers in NSW, VIC, SA, QLD, A.C.T

Why we are different

Imagine someone managing your energy needs, so you don’t have to worry about it.

compare all power companies in NSW
We compare all providers

We compare energy plans from all power companies in NSW, not just a few!
We compare energy suppliers & tariffs in Sydney
We Keep Comparing
Every year we compare deals from all energy retailers and switch you to a competitive offer with minimal effort.
Compare energy plans Illawarra, Sydney, NSW
No annoying calls
We won't pester you on the phone. We’re a fully online energy comparison service.
3 easy steps
1 Compare electricity prices sydney

Take a photo or upload your bill to compare your current energy plan to other offers.

2 Switch electricity plans Sydney

We make it easy to switch to a more competitive deal if it is available.

3 Find best electricity retailer nsw

We continue to monitor and compare your energy plan to ensure it is always competitive.

Every year, we’ll automatically compare your plan to other NSW energy providers, to ensure you have cheap electricity and gas prices.

It pays to compare

Compare energy plans in minutes and start saving today.

Advanced technology

New technology means you can upload your bill, have your energy plan compared against all others available and receive a recommendation. All under 2 minutes!

Plans are suited to your energy needs

We analyse your energy usage and so can find you the best plan most suited to your energy needs.

Compare & save

We compare plans from all major providers to find the most competitive energy plan for your needs.

Switching is easy

Follow a few easy steps online to find what you can save then a quick call to switch to a new deal that suits you and your budget.

Why compare with us?

Our advanced comparison technology is free, unbiased, safe and secure.

Compare all major providers

Unlike some websites that only compare a handful of energy providers, EZswitch compares the plans from all major providers to find you the most competitive plan.

Free to use

The service is absolutely free for you to use. We only receive a commission from the provider that is found to be the most competitive for you.

Safe and Secure

We take your data and it’s security very seriously. We will only use your information with your permission. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

We compare energy providers in:

Watch this short video to see how you could save money, every year, using the EZswitch energy comparison service.

Here's what customers are saying

Thanks for checking out my gas and electricity bills. I’m delighted that you have enabled me to save over $400 per annum in electricity charges, even though my power usage is only very moderate. I will recommend EZswitch to my family and friends.

Mrs. Joyce Lipp, Householder, Wollongong NSW

I had been wanting to review my electricity plan for some time, but I had been too busy to do it. I tried EZswitch and was surprised that in a few minutes, they found savings of around $700 per year on my electricity bill. I didn’t even have to change from my existing energy provider.

Mr. Morgan McCarthy, Householder, Engadine NSW

EZswitch found savings of about $10,000 per year on my gas and electricity bills for my restaurant.

I strongly recommend that anyone running a business as I do, try EZswitch. I am extremely happy with the service that EZswitch provided to my business.

Yuan Zhao, Restaurant Owner, Wollongong NSW

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Find the Best Energy Providers in NSW

EZswitch is a free energy comparison and management service for small to medium businesses and householders in NSW, who are too busy to manage their energy needs or are confused by energy offers and bills.

EZswitch is different to other energy comparison and switching services because:: –
  1. Compare all energy providers
    Often gas and electricity price comparison services only compare plans from some energy retailers. We compare deals from all providers who supply to Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the rest of NSW.
  2. We will regularly review your energy plan
    We won’t just switch you, then forget you. We’ll manage your energy needs on an ongoing basis, by reviewing your energy usage regularly and switching you to a cheaper plan if required.
  3. Comparisons based on actual usage
    We base the price comparison on your actual usage, not on averages or vague estimates.
  4. We do all the work!
    You don’t have to decipher your energy bill because we’ll get the information we need from your bill.
  5. No misleading discounts
    Our price comparison isn’t based on misleading discounts. We will calculate the expected dollar cost for every energy supplier’s plan.
  6. No calls!
    We don’t ask for your number, then phone you with the “hard sell”.
  1. No bill? That’s okay
    Without a bill, just answer a some questions and we’ll estimate your usage.
  2. A thorough job
    The energy comparison includes controlled load 1 and 2 usage, plus solar feed in tariffs.
  3. Easily supply your usage data
    You can provide your electricity and gas bill to us using a wide variety of online and offline methods:-
    1. Take a photo of a paper electricity or gas bill using a mobile phone or tablet.
    2. Upload an energy eBill in PDF format using a computer, tablet or phone.
    3. Forward an energy eBill email received from an electricity or gas retailer direct to
    4. Fax a paper bill to 02 8088 7792 .
    5. Post a paper bill to : –
        PO Box 1492
        NSW 2500
  4. It’s easy to switch energy providers
    We make it easy for you to accept a recommended deal and switch to a cheaper provider.


We’ll find the best energy providers in NSW, then email you later if better deals appear, so you can switch to an even cheaper energy provider.

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